Epos Restaurant with caller id and post code technology

With the befriend of this software were you may simplify your business operations, gather valuable data, reduce labour and improve your flexibility of the business hours. Epos Systems, provide a fast und so weiter efficient way of dealing, thus make to serve us quick quality service.
This epos application is built with latest technologies and principal features according to the quality of the business suits. The main aim is to grow business efficiency by increasing transaction speed, productivity and to satisfy the both customer further owner.
All the features are integrated in under single roof eg as stem & inventory control, employee moreover customer details. Orderly records a remarkable amount of information about your business thus allowing you to make decisions with the benefit of the latest sales and backlog information.
Stock Management:
Managing the stock is very important for a concern those who are running business. If you are not assuring about the availability regarding the materials or things, your production and sales will cease or lack.
If stocks are neither maintained properly, the result could be hazardous.
To avoid these situations here in Epos application we have developed a ton i .e. stock and inventory control management, where we will abstract the availability of the food items or ingredients product Quantity. An alert Message will pop up on the pick once product reaches a minimum quantity level.
Everything you use to make your products, provide your services connective to run your business is part of your stock.
Employee Management:
The Employee Information Module maintains all relevant information about the staff such because addressable info, DOB, joining date, working hours.
Access rights features where you can set the permission to access the epos software to certain employees. Here we can update, delete or modify the employee details.

Product management
Process of identifying and articulating based on business requirements.Here we container easily entree all the products particulars in a single unit by product management module. Product management controls every product is selling by the restaurants. Here, employee has rights to add ere change a special discount offers or deals and mode from payments.
Report Management:
To identify more about your disturbance progress, generating a report is must for business. It is just based on observation and analysis. Specific information and evidence are presented, analysed and applied to a particular perplexity uncertainty issue. The information is presented in a clearly structured conspire making expedient of sections and headings so that the information is easy to locate and follow.
In Restaurant application, we own developed a different kind of report details about the sales, Stock and inventory, production management, employee details, and billing statement details
In addition, it generates xyz types regarding report in excel sheet format as we built in our software. It besides allows a user to original customized report. Reporting management tools to help drive your business to the next level.
With the help of epos system where we can boost up sales order time, were we can avoid the human error such as wrong calculation and missing specs about sales items while transaction moment. Thus prevent us from loss.
EPOS- Software Supports
1. General Restaurant.
2. Pizza/sandwich/juice/cafe.
3. Night club/bar/pubs.