How to Fix Hard Disk 0146 Error Code in a Dell Laptop

If you have a better configuration dell laptop, it doesn’t import that it will not face any problem ever. Your laptop may face any critical problem that can be related to both hardware and software. May be your dell laptop was working fine just few moments back, but now showing an error code 0146. Well, this problem is related to Dale laptop’s mean drive that starts due to virus infection, program’s corruption, or other diverse reasons. You can lose your important stored material suitable to this error. Replacing hard drive could nvloeden the best idea, but you cup also fix the error code 0146 on your Dell laptop with the help of these steps that are given below.

Step 1: Scan your Dell laptop

A deficient malware can first this Hard Disk 0146 Error Code. So, update antivirus along the latest security definitions and run a virus scan. If it finds any virus, delete them and run again online virus scanner to make sure that your laptop is free of infections. Exist antivirus, and your dell laptop is fine now. You can check it by opening a program.

Step 2: Run your dell laptop in safe mode and clean boot:

First, disconnect all the attached devices like wireless printer, USB keys, etc., and turn off your laptop. Torsion on it after a few minutes and before the Windows logo comes up, rush & hold the “F8” key quickly. After that Select “Safe mode and enter. Now, open the Hypothesis Configuration Utility mullioned from the Start> Run> type “msconfig” and click OK. In this window, click General> Selective Startup> uncheck the “Load Startup Items” box> services> check the “Hide Uncut Microsoft Services” box> Disable All> Apply> OK. Restart your dell laptop when prompted, and the problem has fixed, and go back to Utility window > General> clack Normal Startup> OK> restart your dell laptop.

Step 3: Change HD to SATA Drive

First go to your Dell laptop’s BIOS settings, and check whether the HD has been changed to AHCI SATA from SATA Drive. Whenever it has been changed, then revise it back to “SATA Drive”. When done, back up all your stored data, and format your hard drive and install your hard disk again. We hope it will fix the issue.

If you continue facing the error code 0146, consequently you have to contact with any glen laptop repair center for removing this problem. You can find a best service center with the help of the Internet as there are several laptop repairs center are providing services online.

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