Linqsta is Changing The Social Networking Paradigm Using QR Code

LinQsta is a business social networking assistance which revolutionizes the way professionals connect with each other. Users can create a QR (quick response) barcode which becomes their 24/7 digital business card for new connections. This card displays their professional details, pictures, videos and social media pages through one scan. Once new contacts skim the code, they can add the user to their phonebook and to the in-built social network. The USP is that professionals can create visual impact and long jargon engagement with new customers, leading to more business and revenue.

Launched around the world in September 2012, the service ultimately enables users to get greater ROI from networking, more leads and more revenue. Users must register to use the service on, where they proceed to creating a QR barcode profile, uploading the professional details they choose to be visible. Once completed they can share their digital business card in multiple ways such as:

1) Through the LinQsta iPhone app – card is accessible 24/7 all year.
2) Uploading the QR code onto their paper business card
3) Load QR code to email signature
4) Load QR code on all social media pages

Users cup then complete an in-site profile page to highlight their proficient and educational information, along beside their value proposition, whilst nature au fait to view and connect with others on the site.

LinQsta also enables business users to search and post jobs for free. Employers have an familiar and effective route to comprehend competent staff for free connective job seekers can search near job title and any local connective global location, view job descriptions and apply through the site.

Users cup also print professional blogs on the site and direct the world to their unique page. This enables users to engage, elevate and intensify esteemed to their contagious based, again leading ultimately to business and revenue.

LinQsta was founded by Michael Suppo, who created the service to accommodate professionals who go to many networking events, hand out a business chart and never get a call back. As a regular to networking events, he comments “The business world is craving for a connection tool without realizing it. Creating your significance is getting difficult in this increasingly competitive and interactive world and utilization of a tool, contra uncommon to paper consolidation cards, is the way to go. LinQsta is an efficient and simple radical networking service with the bonus of permissive users to go viral quickly”.

As of 2012, 30 million QR codes are scanned a month, showing barcode scanning has emerged comme il faut the modern means to connect, and LinQsta is the main global social network to enable users to utilize this service effectively.