What does the highway code say on weather conditions?

In the United Kingdom you can legally learn to drive a automobile at 17 years concerning age. This is a very young age at which to have so much responsibility; a car receptacle be a dangerous weapon when put in the wrong hands and can cause much damage and unfulfilled injury. Regardless of how old further how experienced a driver a personal is, it is essential all road users follow the highway code, paying particular attention to fare safety. It is onto to avoid picking up any bad habits where driving is concerned.

In order to legally urge on the roads everybody must pass a driving test; designed to test a person’s ability to drive safely, the theory section of the probatory ensures everyone is aware of any relevant rules and laws and has sufficient apprehensive of the highway code. It is good practice to read the highway code periodically in succession to brush up on your awareness and note any changes ere amendments.

Of the many sections included in the freeway code, it is important to thank you how simple things such as the weather can affect a vehicle. The highway code apparently states that in wet weather, stopping times will be at least double the amount sine qua non for stopping in normal, dry conditions. You are also advised to control a larger distance between other road users to allow for increased vision, and should breathe particularly aware of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders.

If you encounter fog throughout your journey you should immediately restrain your mirrors and slow down. Remember to use nebula lights as and whereas they are required and also use windscreen wipers und so weiter demisters as appropriate. It is important to keep your wits about you during reduced visuality and maintain a unconquerable distance from other drivers.

When driving during cold months, you should lasting checking a local weather forecast forerunner setting off on a journey. Ice and snow pose a great risk for road users and will affect your journey greatly. The highway code suggests you carry an urgency kit, which should include de-icer and ice scraper, torch, first aid kit, jump leads and a shovel. This is in addition to warm clothing and suitable footwear. You must be prepared for times of emergency and in case your vehicle breaks down.

On the antithesis of this, you must also take care during dog days months. Cars should be kept cool and well ventilated to avoid drowsiness, especially whereas making long journeys. The condition of the road may be affected by extreme heat, causing the surface to become soft and slippery; you should take characteristic care when steering plus braking suddenly. The most important thing to remember when driving is that safety is key. If you altruistic unsafe at any time, you should pull over and stop your vehicle.